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For Wellness Consultation/Suggestions:

I Offer Very Low Cost Consultations (Usually between $5. & $15.) Typical Fee $11.00.

My Methods are Unconventional, Simple & Practical – Please read “About Time” to know how I think about Wellness & Why.

In this day and age, “LIFE happens, while we’re busy making other plans,” and more often than not, our health is neglected.  So much so, that only after a health concern becomes a problem, does one actually address it.  We just have SO much to do, that we neglect our health.  Been there done that, until age and wisdom set in, and I became incredibly health conscious.  I now dedicate much of my time to wellness.  I have studied, researched, and practiced Holistic Health now for a number of years, and realized that Caring is key. 


Today, I have a wealth of basic information that helps one get, be, and stay well.  I offer Wellness Coaching & Consulting for a very nominal fee, (between $5. -$15. usually $11.) and hope to encourage others to BELIEVE that being well, doesn’t have to be as complicated dangerous or costly, as all our modern trends have us believe.  Simple, Old fashioned, Natural and Sensible Practices are Priceless, and Moderation is Key. 

I offer Online Wellness Advise & Consultation, because I am on a mission to PROMOTE HEALTHY THINKING & WELLNESS & STOP THE UNHEALTHY TRENDS OF TODAY FROM SPREADING & STICKING.

Please, Allow Me to Assist You Be Well.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical professional nor do I claim to have the medical knowledge of a doctor.  After carefully studying, researching & practicing alternate remedies to the main stream methods, and experiencing the benefits myself, I have a wealth of information that I wish to share.  Mainly: Being Healthy Simply Requires Common Sense, Moderation, Mindfulness, and CARE. 

Simply fill out the form below, and I shall get back to you as soon as possible – I look forward to hearing from you.  Be Well, Xoxo.