By “Well Worthy“, I mean:

“Deserving of Health and Wellness”.

True, at one’s best everyone deserves to be well, just as at one’s best, everyone deserves goodness.  Yet, if Karma has anything to do with it, “What goes around comes around”, and we only receive the goodness that we deserve to receive.  By the same token, if our actions and way of life are unhealthy, then sadly enough, poor health is what we shall receive and unworthy of wellness we shall be.

At One’s Best:

At our best, we deserve to be well, because deep within, every one of us is good.  Circumstances and poor choices are what deprive us of well worthiness, and from what I have come to realize, making healthy choices is actually simpler and less complicated.  In fact, common sense, moderation, and simplicity are essentially what it takes to be Well Worthy.

Then why does it seem so difficult?

To put it very bluntly, it is the “Systematic Programming” habit forming, and modern regression skillfully portrayed as advancement, by those who come to benefit from us being unwell, unworthy, and dependent – that makes it seem difficult.

Cynical as that may sound, many of us unconventional thinkers, recognize it as fact!

It saddens me to see so many people fall for the: “There’s a Med. for that” bait, only to be hooked thereafter.

My goal is to convince readers that wellness does not have to be complicated, it simply has to be deserved. Just as goodness comes to those who deserve it, wellness is no different.

Moreover, like goodness, wellness is within us all. After a series of regression, it is the same low self worth, that has us think we are unworthy, that also brings us to believe we are incapable of wellness.  

We deserve better than to be programmed by a system that has us tuned-in to believing we lack that which is already within us!

Yes, Wellness like Goodness, is inherent in us – Every one of us!

Anyone who is not alright today, can make a mindful choice to improve and get better tomorrow, and be Well Worthy thereafter.  We can train our own brain into Well Worthiness, far better than the evils that are hell bent on programming us into Unworthy victims, can!

It Is Our Right To Be Alright!

(Recognize Your  Well Worthiness)

Part 1 was a solid prep. for Being At One’s Best and Deserving of a Well / Healthy Mind Body & Spirit.  Part 2 is About LISTENING to & Communicating with our Mind, Body, Spirit & Synchronizing them, into Making Wellness Our Way of Life!

Let’s Do This!

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