The Spirit Part 2:


Important Note

While I do follow a Religious faith, I have an Omnist philosophy that strongly encourages Free Will.  (Freedom to choose, if you will) I thus specifically refer to the Spirit in this chapter, in Scientific rather than Religious, terms. 

If you enjoy this chapter, I invite you to join me, as I embark on an extensive Spiritual Journey – (which is “My Calling” – Something I truly feel compelled to do) I will be devoting an entire website / blog to Spirituality, covering: Faith, Religion, God, Peace and Tolerance.    

Preparing the Spirit:

In Part 1, we discussed the relation between being religious and being spiritual,  how the two need not necessarily be connected, and how one can be either, or both.  I hope I have somehow managed to emphasize, that connecting with one’s spirit is crucial when it comes to being well, and the more spiritual we become, the better we are able to connect with our body and mind, as well as enhance, the mind-body connection.  So religious or not, being Spiritual (in touch with & listening to one’s conscience – inner self) is very important for Well Worthiness.

Listening to the Spirit:


The mind-spirit connection, and the mind-body connection are simple enough to realize and feel, but modern science is beginning to realize more and more that the spirit and the body are connected in a more profound way than science has led us to believe in the past.  Spiritual healing, was previously looked upon as a religious thing, and skeptically received by a few at best, while most considered it to be hocus-pocus performed by magicians on stage.  Today however, top physicists are becoming fans of the spirit-to-body connection, accepting the fact that spiritual healing is possible, and can be explained with logic and experimentation.  

What I’m about to explain is going to sound philosophical or religious, but it is scientific, because I am far more interested in Modern science today, than I ever was in school.  (Mainly because science has taken on an aspect to it, that literally mesmerizes me like magic mesmerizes a child.)

My fascination with the quantum theory and quantum physics, led me to look into Spiritual Science and discover the phenomenal relationship and importance that spirit has in Wellness.  So I feel obligated to emphasize the importance of listening to the spirit, in order to be Well Worthy.  Just as a healthy mind-set can help us feel better or recover quicker, and the body can tell us where it hurts, and we should “listen”; the spirit can give us even more than hope and faith, when the body is in a crisis, and – here’s the shocker:  Our spirit can even warn us of, or guard us from injury, sickness, and poor health.  (Surprised?  Mystics don’t fall sick or die from diseases, like the rest of us do, and that’s precisely why!)



Being Prepared:

Listening to the spirit does not mean hearing it – In fact, our spirit will not even begin to communicate with us, until we listen.  Our bodies will warn us of sickness and poor health, and then if we listen closely, our bodies will learn to work with us better in the future; but the Spirit, unlike the body, will only begin to communicate after we begin to listen

What we listen to, (when the spirit has not even begun to communicate), is precisely where preparedness comes in!  

I used to tell my students in class to “listen to the sound of silence”, (for fear that the word “meditation” might create a religious issue) Sit very still, and meditate for 1-3 minutes.  Sitting silently, meditating, praying, (“feeling it”), is the best way to prepare for, or start the Listening Process.

Our Trained Sub-conscience = Our Instincts:

Only in the movies will the inner voice bellow at someone to listen and follow.  In reality, the spirit (our inner voice) is our sensitive, softer, silent side.  (Our higher self / our Spirit, has the wisdom and dignity to wait until we are ready, attentive, and prepared to listen.  Only then, will it begin to whisper / signal-in with clues.  We have to practice listening closely, and only then, will our spirit speak to us clearly.  Popularly understood as our soul’s voice (the good within us), our spirit then communicates to / through us.  Science now recognizes it, and explains it as our trained sub-conscience namely: Our “Instincts”.

Scientists / physicists – even physicians and the medical professionals in general, are soon beginning to respect the powers to be gained from deep meditation.   Simply put: the more we meditate and the longer we are able to do so, without distraction, the better our instincts become.  There are so many courses, lectures, and videos on U tube, teaching us how to train our subconscious mind.  Check them out, most are very interesting and totally logical.

The Spiritual Sensation:

Sensing the spirit, is a wonderful feeling.  It is said that something is considered a Miracle until it can be explained by science, then it’s Scientific.  While Miracle sounds appealing to our deeply spiritual souls, Scientific sounds better to our rational minds, so we can choose whichever we feel comfortable with.


With practice, this sensation soon starts to feel like a knowing and that is very empowering.   The sad thing is: until the majority of the world catches up, we begin to feel isolated, and alone bearing a secret -(one that we are reluctant to relinquish, but embarrassed to admit we possess).  Yes, sad – Very sad, considering the fact that it is in all of us, but only a few of us have bothered to discover the beauty (and power) of our Spirit.  In a world where many are too busy to care, it becomes a “bother” rather than a gift, if we let what others think affect us – (yet as social beings, ‘affect‘ us, it does).

Spiritual Power:

Spiritual powers

Once we start to listen, we learn that there is much our body can do, and that we are capable of so much more than we previously thought possible.  We instinctively choose wisely and nourish our bodies well.  Our bodies thank us by being healthy.  No, I do not mean vegetarian, vegan, or turning your nose up to regular food like it is poison – I mean respecting the food we can afford, giving thanks for having a meal, (while others are deprived and have nothing), and heartily, but sensibly (not greedily) enjoying every bite.   By the same token, we often instinctively gauge that something is not going to agree with us, and avoid it.  Sickness and injuries become rare, and healing becomes so much quicker and easier.   


Disclaimer:  I do not claim to have acquired as much spiritual power as many wiser souls, have (It’s a work in progress!?);  Nor do I claim to be Little Ms. Know it All. However, I do happen to know (for a fact, from extensive study, research, practice and experience), that we all have it within us, to amaze ourselves with the Spiritual powers that sadly lay dormant, within every single one of us.

Warning:  Life’s conflicting forces do come at us with a vengeance, demanding that we follow what others consider to be normal, and the spirit takes a licking.  Yet I can assure you, that it will keep on ticking, if we continue to be attentive and give our spirit at least as much attention, as we devote to our pricey possessions. 


We Can Heal Ourselves & Those We Love – U tube video

Miraculous Healing in China, witness by Gregg Braden Scientist/Physicist.

(More to come)

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